Timber structures for
large-scale logistics halls

Are you a contractor in logistics construction and looking for a reliable partner for the planning, production, and assembly of large-scale timber structures for your projects? With our years of experience in timber hall construction, we offer standardized solutions for your projects.

Gamechanger wooden hall

Special features of our timber constructions

Our load-bearing structures are made entirely of wood – including the columns and mezzanines. We
have also developed our own solutions to protect the internal columns against collision. In addition,
we customize the roof trusses – depending on the requirements and span width.

Internal columns protected against collision
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The internal columns are statically dimensioned and protected by a solid steel base against collision. This allows us to build the entire lad-bearing structure ecologically and sustainably from timber.

Wooden mezzanine as storage space
Lagerhalle mit Holzwischendecke aus Holz

We also manufacture the mezzanines of our load-bearing systems entirely from wood. These are designed for loads of up to 7.5 KN/m², serving as a storage surface.

Large spans

Depending on the type of roof truss, large spans of up to 50 m can be achieved without columns.

LIGNA Logistikhalle mit Holzstruktur_Eco Park (4)
Advantages of ligna parts

Your benefits if you opt for the LIGNA Parts construction kit

Comfortable atmosphere

Wood creates a comfortable environment thanks to its natural moisture regulation. Your employees and customers will feel particularly at ease.

Customized projects

LIGNA Structure load-bearing structures are tailored to your requirements, ensuring an ideal project flow for you and your customers.

Large spans

We construct wooden halls with spans of up to 70 meters. Expansive, column-free spaces provide the flexibility and necessary room to work efficiently.

Ecological and sustainable

Short transportation distances, low weight and low-energy processing make wood an extremely attractive and sustainable building material.

Fast construction

Due to a high degree of prefabrication, we guarantee fast and precise construction of your hall.

High fire resistance

The high fire resistance of wood is a decisive safety factor in hall construction.

Integration of hall cranes

Indoor cranes from various manufacturers can be seamlessly integrated.

From planning to construction

We take care of your wooden load-bearing structure

In our engineering office in Aachen, we plan and conduct the structural calculations for the timber structure as well as the foundations and access ramps. The production and pre-assembly of the timber and steel components takes place in our production facility in Sankt Vith. The final assembly is carried out in close cooperation with our regional partners, always under the supervision of our experienced LIGNA construction managers.

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