Optimum utilisation of the hangar width

Hydraulic overhead doors

Our overhead doors guarantee maximum flexibility without compromise. Offering up to 30 meters of hangar width utilization and a height of up to 9 meters, these doors are designed for optimum space management.

The door leaf is attached to robust steel swivel arms on both sides and rotates around an inwardly offset axis when opened. This 90-degree rotation directs the door towards the ceiling, with approximately one-third of the door leaf remaining within the hangar and twothirds extending outward as a canopy. The door is driven by hydraulic cylinders.

Hangar mit Holzschwenktor Vormontage
ligna flugzeughangar schwenktor

The design eliminates the need for rollers or hinges, and its simplicity ensures exceptional robustness, maximum safety, and virtually maintenance-free operation. Typically, the exterior of the door leaf is crafted from sandwich panels or translucent polycarbonate sheets.

A significant benefit of our hydraulic overhead door system is its adaptability for later installation in existing hangars, as the statics of the hangar door are independent of the building structure. This eliminates the necessity for expensive structural modifications.

  • Width : up to 30 meters
  • Height : up to 9 meters
  • Hydraulic drive
  • Simple mechanics
  • Low maintenance
  • No floor tracks
  • Independent of roof structure
  • Requires minimal lateral space