Ideal door solution for large hangars

Sliding doors

The sliding doors developed by LIGNA systems are particularly suitable for large door openings. The doors are guided on strong track rollers along sturdy floor rails. In the upper area, the doors are only held in place laterally, which allows the roof structure to be completely customised.

Thanks to large track rollers, the doors can be opened manually without any effort. A notable feature is the advanced track and drainage system: the robust hot-dip galvanized steel construction ensures that neither water nor dirt accumulates in the track. This ensures easy and reliable door operation, even in freezing conditions.

The outside of the door leaf is usually made of sandwich panels or translucent polycarbonate sheets.

  • Unlimited width
  • Height: up to 6 metres
  • Easy & effortless opening by hand
  • Low maintenance
  • Floor tracks with drainage system
  • Customised roof structure possible
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